Single Run Series Whiskey

Here at Cooper River Distillers we’re constantly experimenting with new ideas, and sometimes these experiments have very delicious results! Our Single Run Series Whiskeys resulted from just such experimentation. They are the first whiskeys to be legally distilled, aged, and bottled for sale in New Jersey in a very long time, possibly since before Prohibition!

These whiskeys begin life as beers (yes, ready-to-drink, delicious beer!) that we source from our friends at local breweries. We throw the beer directly into our still and distill it into one-of-a-kind spirits that we then age in various types of wood. The results are wildly different from batch to batch depending on the type of beer that formed the original mash and the type of wood aging that we applied to the spirits.

Each batch is a one-time-only product that will never be made again – when it’s gone, it’s all gone. So far we’ve bottled nine different Single Run Series Whiskey expressions, and there are several more in the pipeline that we’re equally excited about! Stay tuned for more!

Single Run Series – St. Benjamin’s IPA


This 76 bottle batch came to us as a wonderfully hoppy India Pale Ale from Saint Benjamin Brewing in Philadelphia. We distilled the beer in September of 2014 and aged the resulting 94.6-proof spirit in a 15 gallon, new, charred, American white oak barrel for 256 days (about eight-and-a-half months), resulting in what is technically a malt whiskey. After barrel sampling we decided to bottle this one at 82.8-proof to showcase flavor notes of maple syrup, vanilla, fresh citrus, and a floral hop character that emerges most prominently when the whiskey is chilled.

To learn More about Saint Benjamin Brewing & the beer that goes into this whiskey click here!


Single Run Series – St. Benjamin’s Liaison Saison


This 17 bottle batch began as Saint Benjamin Brewing‘s Liaison Saison beer, a lightly-hopped, saison-style beer with distinctive notes of lavender. We distilled this batch in August of 2014 and aged it for 79 days on fresh applewood chips. We bottled it at 87.7-proof and it manages to maintain a great deal of lavender aroma and flavor from the original beer along with some crisp white fruit flavors and toasty notes from the applewood. This is a malt whiskey that drinks a lot like a new-world gin!

To learn More about Saint Benjamin Brewing & the beer that goes into this whiskey click here!

Single Run Series – St. Benjamin’s English Mild


This 29 bottle batch was distilled from Foul Weather Jack – an English Mild beer from Saint Benjamin Brewing in Philadelphia. After distillation, we rested the spirit for 71 days on pieces of an old wine barrel that we sourced from Auburn Road Vineyards in South Jersey. The barrel’s toasted Hungarian oak soaked up a few vintages of wine during it’s time at Auburn Road, and that complexity comes through in this remarkably smooth malt whiskey. This 84.7-proof whiskey features flavors of dry grain, fresh green apples, subtle oak, and just a hint of sweetness.

To learn More about Saint Benjamin Brewing & the beer that goes into this whiskey click here!

To learn More about Auburn Road Vineyards, supplier of wood for this whiskey, click here!

 Single Run Series – St. Benjamin’s Transcontinental


This 56 bottle batch was distilled just before Christmas of 2014 from Saint Benjamin Brewing’s Transcontinental – a California Common style beer. We aged the whiskey for 7 months in a not-quite-full barrel that had previously held Petty’s Island Rye Oak Reserve Rum. The air-space left in the barrel allowed for more rapid oxidation of the whiskey and helped it develop a smooth, complex flavor reminiscent of many Irish whiskeys. This approachable whiskey, bottled at 86-proof, is perfect for sipping on the rocks with good friends and good cheer.

To learn More about Saint Benjamin Brewing & the beer that goes into this whiskey click here!

Single Run Series – Flying Fish F.U. Sandy


A real New Jersey treat, this whiskey came to us as kegs of Flying Fish Brewing’s F.U. Sandy beer – a hybrid malt-wheat pale ale that was brewed as a one-off fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. We distilled the beer to 106.3-proof and aged it in a once-used, 17-gallon whiskey barrel. After careful tasting, we pulled it out of the barrel at five months old, right as the charred-oak flavors were finding their ideal harmony with the floral, fruity, wheaty flavors of the beer. A very flavorful, complex, and uplifting whiskey – perfect for sipping neat.

This batch yielded 97 bottles at 84.4-proof, and you can find them while they last at the distillery gift shop or at some of our favorite stores such as Hops & Grapes, A.C. Bottle Co., & Wineworks!

Click to learn more about Flying Fish Brewing, our collaborator on this whiskey!

Single Run Series – St. Benjamin’s IPA (2)


2016-02-24 12.21.07The second time we have distilled Saint Benjamin’s Hopligation IPA, but this time we had a bit of fun with the aging and bottling. We aged this batch for only 155 days in a used Petty’s Island Rum barrel, and bottled it at barrel proof – 105.4! This is the first product we’ve bottled straight out of a barrel without any water, and we decided to do that because of the complex, but delicate flavors of this whiskey – we didn’t want to risk losing them by bringing the proof down, and it’s perfectly sippable at 52.7% ABV.

The nose on this whiskey is fresh-hop pine & citrus with faint hints of vanilla and cut grass. On the palate the hop notes continue and are joined by black pepper, butterscotch, and lemon cake. The finish lingers warmly with pepper and a hint of honey.


Single Run Series – St. Benjamin’s INCA



This whiskey was distilled from St. Benjamin Brewing’s INCA – India Cream Ale – a hoppy beer brewed with corn for a slightly sweet, creamy texture. We distilled it to
111.5proof before aging it in a very unique barrel for 24 weeks. The barrel that this beer aged in was used once before for one half of our Creamsicle Special Edition of Petty’s Island Rum. While aging that rum the barrel contained orange and grapefruit peels, and all of those flavors remained in the barrel to influence this whiskey.

Bottled at 90.5 proof, the INCA Single Run Series is a fresh, bright whiskey with citrus notes from the hops in the beer as well as from the barrel. There are also grainy flavors and just a hint of oaky vanilla and caramel. Refreshing and easy-drinking, this is a perfect whiskey for summer-time relaxing.


Single Run Series – Tuckahoe Porter


tuckahoe-porter1This whiskey was distilled from Tuckahoe Brewing’s Steelmantown Porter in October of 2015. We aged it in a 17 gallon, new, charred oak barrel for 10 months and bottled 84 bottles in August, 2016. Instead of the usual water-soak to tighten its staves, the barrel we used for this whiskey was soaked with the still-warm waste ‘beer’ as it came out of the still post-distillation. We don’t know of anyone else who has tried this ‘beer washing’ process, and we don’t have a point of comparison to know exactly what it contributed to the final whiskey…but it certainly didn’t hurt because this one is delicious!

Bottled at 88.4 proof, this whiskey has the dark flavors you expect to find in a good porter – dark chocolate, vanilla, caramel, maple syrup – along with some smoky, char flavors from the barrel. A perfect cool weather sippin’ whiskey and a great chaser for the beer that it started out as.

Available at the distillery while it lasts for $70.00 + tax,
and at White Horse Wine & Spirits as well as a few select bars. Click here to learn more about Tuckahoe Brewing.

*Named the Strangest Spirit made in New Jersey by!

Single Run Series – Flying Fish OktoberFish



This batch of 155 bottles is our largest Single Run Series bottling yet, and boy is it tasty! At 99.0 proof, this slightly sweet whiskey still goes down very smooth with malty flavors of caramelized sugar, faint vanilla and oak, and hints of pine resin.

Distilled from the 2015 batch of Flying Fish’s excellent fall seasonal beer, we were hoping for a whiskey as well-balanced and drinkable as the beer it evolved from, and it seems like we hit the mark. Find this one at the distillery for $44.99 + tax, and in select bars and liquor stores around New Jersey while supplies last!

Click to learn more about Flying Fish Brewing, our collaborator on this whiskey!





Single Run Series – Departed Soles Ale


This whiskey was distilled from Departed Soles Brewing’s Belgian Ale – Philoso Rapper. We aged this one on re-charred wood from a used Hungarian oak red wine barrel from Auburn Road Vineyards. After six months of aging, we bottled just 42 bottles at 84.2 proof. Your best bet for finding this one is to look around Jersey City where Departed Soles is based!





Single Run Series – Tuckahoe Stout



This whiskey was distilled from Tuckahoe Brewing’s delicious New Brighton Coffee Stout and aged for a full year in a 15 gallon

charred oak barrel that previously held a special vanilla-bean infused Petty’s Island Rum! As you would expect from a stout-based whiskey, roasty flavors of dark chocolate and coffee jump out, but the vanilla-boosted oak really rounds this out into a full-bodied, slightly-sweet sipper. Just 98 bottles produced at 86.6 proof.

 Single Run Series – SpellBound Peach IPA

This whiskey was distilled from Spellbound Brewing’s super-popular Peach IPA and aged for a mere 70 days in a five-gallon barrel on it’s third use. The barrel gave this one a beautiful golden color, and just enough oaky flavors to complement the beautiful peach and hop aroma that come through from the beer. This was our first shot at distilling a ‘fruit flavored’ beer, and we couldn’t be happier with the way the peach shines through. This batch was only 26 bottles at 89.4 proof, so it’s a real treat if you can get your hands on a taste. A larger batch from the same beer is currently aging in a bigger barrel, so there’s more to come on the peach front!

Single Run Series – Tonewood Chief Pale Ale


If you live in South Jersey you know that Tonewood Brewing in Oaklyn is cranking out some of the best beer around – including their juicy Chief Pale Ale. Well back in early 2017 we distilled one of their first batches of this beer and aged in the distillate in one of the barrels from our first batch of Cooper River Bourbon! The result is a fruit-forward whiskey with a nice malt backbone and plenty of barrel character of vanilla, toast, and caramel. Bottled at 82.9 proof and only 109 bottles produced.

Single Run Series – Naked Brewing Sours

Our first time distilling Sour Beers into whiskey, and our first time double distilling one of our Single Run Series Whiskeys. This one started out as Naked Brewing’s Pomegranate Sour and their Aigre Canon sour wheat beer. We distilled them separately then aged the distillate together over oak char from one of our Cooper River Bourbon Barrels. This gentle aging over 11 months produced a pale, lightly oaked whiskey that allows the unique fruity flavors of the sour beers to shine through, even at a robust 88.9 proof. Only 42 bottles produced.






Single Run Series – Manayunk Brewing Pale Ale

This whiskey started out across the river in Philadelphia as Manayunk Brewing’s Pale Ale. We distilled the beer into whiskey back in December of 2016 and aged it for a full year in a used Petty’s Island Rum barrel at 119 proof! This one developed a ton of flavor in the barrel, but retains a distinctive fruitiness from the hops of the pale ale. Bottled at 96.2 proof, it’s a powerful whiskey and there are only 80 bottles to go around!



Whiskeys distilled from Flying Fish’s Daylight Savings IPA, Spellbound’s Peach IPA (yes more, but different!), and Tonewood Brewing’s Double IPA!