Cooper River Rye Whiskey

Cooper River Rye Whiskey is the first whiskey to be mashed, fermented, distilled, aged, and bottled-for-sale in New Jersey since Prohibition! If that’s not enough reason to raise a glass, it’s also delicious! Cooper River Rye Whiskey is made with a traditional mash-bill of 63% rye, 23% corn, and 14% malted barley. It is fermented with our rum yeast strain for about six days – allowing for complex flavors to develop in the mash before it heads into our direct-flame-heated copper alembic still. After distillation, Cooper River Rye Whiskey rests for just over a year in new, 15 gallon, charred white oak barrels, and is bottled, one barrel at a time, at 86-proof.

All you need to enjoy this fine rye whiskey is a nose, a mouth, a glass, and a little time to relax and appreciate all the hard work and patience that go into every drop!




Silver Fox Rye

Silver Fox Rye is available in very limited quantities, and only at the distillery and a few select bars! This is an un-aged taste of the rye spirit that ages to become Cooper River Rye Whiskey. We take the finest hearts cut from our rye distillations, straight from the still and bottle it at 86-proof so that all you taste are the clean, complex flavors of rye, corn, and barley. There are hints of vanilla, mint, and toffee that make this a perfect preview of the aged whiskey it could eventually become!


Silver Fox is delicious neat or on the rocks. It also makes a great substitute for vodka in your favorite bloody mary recipe! If you visit our gift shop in Camden you can even buy an Age-Your-Own Whiskey Kit that includes a 2-liter barrel that will turn Silver Fox Rye into your very own aged rye whiskey in just a few weeks!

Silver Fox Manhattan

2.5 oz of Silver Fox Rye

0.5 oz of dry vermouth
Stir over ice in a shaker
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass
Garnish with a lemon twist